Christian Dating Guide: 7 Tips For A Good Christian Date


Keeping your values and ideals in check while dating can be quite a challenge. But this doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice a lot of things to have a good time. Fun doesn’t always have to spell clubs, drinks, and other compromising places or situations. These can actually come in a lot of ways which will allow you be creative with your date without subjecting you and your date to unnecessary temptations. Here are some simple but helpful tips that will surely make Christian dating more fun.

Go on a picnic.

A picnic out on the park or the beach is a good way for both of you to sit back and relax. It is a good environment for you to talk without being too intimate. There are a lot of things that both of you can enjoy and marvel at on the outdoors to help lighten the mood. Aside from the usual food and drinks why not bring some music or a guitar (if any of you knows how to play) so you can have that beautiful Christian music to create the perfect soundtrack during your date.

Do exercise or sports together.

Why not keep your date exciting by enjoying a sport you both enjoy together, or you could teach the other to love if he/she has not tried it yet. You could also ask your date to go with you on a jog or maybe hike. These are innocent and fun activities that don’t only allow you to be healthy, but it also keeps your faith uncompromised. If things go well for both of you in the future, this can be a good hobby that you can continue to do together.

Go to a Christian concert.

This is a perfect way to spend a date, while bringing honor and praise to the Lord at the same time. This also gives you an idea of the Christian music preference of the other. Going with a group of friends will also allow you to enjoy the event more. Do not think that the presence of other people will lessen the chances of a good time together.

Have Bible studies together with or without other people around.

This may not be the usual idea of a date, but what better way to get more closer than to see each other grow further in the Lord. A Bible study is also a way for you to know more about the other person’s faith and beliefs. You can share this time with friends, other couples, or something you can do together. SO instead of compromising your values, this will help you bless each other spiritually.

Attend Christian camps or conferences together.

Camps and conferences are fun avenues in which the two of you can grow more in faith together. There are a lot of activities, lessons and even places that the two of you can learn and enjoy together. You don’t have to be alone together all the time for it to be a good date.

Arrange a Christian movie marathon.

There are actually a lot of good Christian movies that you can both enjoy. The best way to spend a movie marathon is to have it with friends. Being alone together in an intimate setting can make you vulnerable to temptations. A good Christian movie is an entertaining way to pass the time while also learning valuable lessons along the way.

Play board games together.

Whoever said that board games is a lost art or maybe too old fashioned, has been too reliant on technology. This is a good way for Christian dating singles to have clean and innocent fun. On a first date, this can be a perfect way to break the ice.

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