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In Hollywood, trilogies rule the roost and one prominent movie series is the Terminator movies. The first installment of the series opened in 1984 and took the American audience by storm as they had never experienced anything like this before since the Star Wars. The futuristic cyborg essayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger was the highlight of the film. The Terminator franchise returned even bigger with its sequel T2 in 1991. Arnold Schwarzenegger returned as the good cyborg in the third movie Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines in 2003. It could not live up to the expectations but still performed well at the box office.

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The latest in this series is the much awaited Terminator Salvation movie that has had quite a few changes. Firstly, the movie does not star the hero of the previous terminator movies Arnold Schwarzenegger. This movie has Sam Worthington who plays the part of the cyborg and Christian Bale as the leader of humans who are resisting against the machines, John Connor. Secondly, the storyline no longer revolves around doomsday and rather it focus on the struggle for survival between humans and the machines they created. The story is set in the year 2018 when humans have gathered up their forces led by John Connor. The resistance is joined by Marcus Wright, who has lost all his memory, save for being in a death row.

John faces the dilemma of whether to trust Wright and if he is from the future or Past. He teams up with Wright and sets out in a mission to find and destroy the Skynet base of operations. They come across a secret that it could decide the course of history. What will happen to John and can he rescue the human race from disappearing forever. To find out what happens, watch Terminator Salvation movie.

Terminator fans that preferred the older movies with Arnold Schwarzenegger might be in for a disappointment with the new cast. Also the movie might not entirely live up to its prerelease hype. However it is a whole new experience for audience who watch without prejudices against the new cast. Also the Romanism in the older movies has been eliminated in this one giving the Terminator Salvation movie a whole different feel.

This movie is full of nail biting excitement and action that could keep you hanging on to the edges of your seat. And here is more- It is available free of cost! You can now watch Terminator Salvation movie online free! There are many sites that let you download the movie for free. And many of these files are available in compressed format considerably reducing download speeds. If you are not a big fan of downloads, you can also watch Terminator Salvation movie online free in certain sites which even allow you to pause the movie and resume watching at your convenience from the comfort of your home!

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