Peter Hargitay – the PR expert turned Football strategist


Peter Hargitay is a well known name in the PR world, with decades of experience in the field. Throughout his career as a crisis management expert, Peter has managed to work with some of the top names from various fields, be it sports, politics or movies.

In fact, one of his earliest assignments involved representing Union Carbide in the aftermath of Bhopal Gas disaster in India. The founder of Consulting Group Europe, which he came up with in the year 1980, Peter has never been afraid of trying new things with his life. After a successful career in reputation management, Peter switched to producing documentaries and spending time with his family in Jamaica. In fact, one of the most popular works of Peter involved production of a musical based on the life of Martin Luther King, King.

Peter’s association with the Football Industry started during the 2000’s when he became a special adviser to Sepp Blatter, the FIFA President, the world governing body of football. After leaving the job to work for England’s bid to host 2018 FIFA world cup, however European Consultancy Network declined the offer after outside consultants were invited to reapply for the same. As a result of which Hargitay’s European Consultancy Network were hired by Football Federation of Australia to work on their bid for the 2022 FIFA world cup.
Often touted as the Spindoctor to the world, Peter is also renowned for being the man behind Mohammad Bin Hammam’s FIFA election that involved various controversies.

Apart from all this, Peter has tried his hands regularly in the hollywood glam as well. He has been involved in the production of various successful Hollywood movies such as movies from the Goal Trilogy – Goal and Goal III, as well as “Fire in Babylon”that hit the screens in 2010. Being a man of immense knowledge and talent, Peter has never been shy of sharing his expertise with others.

In fact, he has served as the Lecturer at various prestigious institutions such as University of Neuchatel, University of Milan, University of Bocconi, University of Montfort and University of Leicester, to name a few. Besides all this, Peter also holds the chair as a lecturer at the Centre for International Sports Studies in Switzerland, UK and Italy.

All in all, it wont be wrong to state that Peter is a man of firm resolve and a jack of all trades, who has managed to make a mark in diverse fields.

Peter is an avid writer and PR expert who has worked with Peter Hargitay, a leading name in the PR world.
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