Shape The Public’s Opinion with a Career in Advertising


Think back to your favourite advertisement — maybe it’s the Old Spice one that’s become a sensation or the Telus one with all the cute hippos or perhaps the latest one for Blackberry messenger. How cool would it be to be the person behind these ingenious ads? With the power of advertising placing ads everywhere from TV and radio to
billboards, magazines and even movies (as product placements), careers in this field are abundant. With the proper education, you can become a qualified professional in the unique and innovative advertising industry in which the US Bureau of Labor (BLS) Statistics estimates employment will increase by 13 per cent through 2018.

Job growth in advertising will be encouraged by competition for a growing number of goods and services and the need to make those products stand out in the crowd. Therefore, a person entering an advertising career must be highly creative. This doesn’t only mean creativity in regards to telling the product’s story, but also in finding new ways to advertise and promote the products, such as the use of Internet campaigns. Another important trait to possess in the advertising field competitiveness. With placements needing to be instantly memorable, companies are competing everyday to ensure their products are the most appealing. You must also be able to work under pressure, as the company pushes you to be more creative, more innovative, more unique and all in a timely manner. Energy is the final general trait that is needed. According to the BLS in 2008, over 80 per cent of advertising, marketing, promotions, public relations, and sales managers worked 40 hours or more a week.

As you can see, advertising is a general term for a few specialized jobs. To reflect that, Centennial College has created a generalized advertising program that trains students for a variety of areas. It is a three-year undertaking that results in the qualifications to work in advertising jobs such as: account management, media buying and planning, marketing, copywriting, production, direct marketing, promotions and event marketing. The wide scope of possibilities gives graduates a better chance at success. Led by a team of experienced advertising instructors, you’ll learn the entire advertising process, including: research, developing strategies, campaign planning, copywriting, production, media planning and buying. Also, firm deadlines, multi-tasking, working under pressure and delivering professional presentations are all real-life scenarios taught through the advertising program at Centennial. In your fifth semester, you’ll enter a specialized stream that provides advanced learning in copywriting, media planning and buying or account service. You’ll then complete your advertising training with an industry field placement that will see you applying your knowledge in an advertising firm.

Another academic requirement is the possession of compulsory English 12C or U credits or skills assessment or equivalent. Lastly, Centennial College has non-academic requirements such as a program admission session, a writing test and English proficiency being taken into consideration. These necessary prerequisites are all you need to embark on an exciting college education that will result in the necessary knowledge and training to be successful in the competitive field of advertising.

Klaudia writes about the competitive nature of the advertising industry. She notes the necessary skills professionals should possess, and then outlines how Centennial College ensures those skills are obtained.To be considered for the advertising program at Centennial College, students are expected to present at minimum an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent or be 19 years or older. For more information visit to

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