Getting to know Christian Fiction Books


Christian fiction books are becoming more and more popular every day. However, there are many people voicing out their concerns that Christian fiction is not what it used to be. To make it easier, let’s define what Christian fiction means.

Christian fiction is a lot more difficult to define than contemporary fiction books since most of the time the themes are not always obvious. However, as a general definition, it is any writing that showcases a Christian theme and incorporates the whole Christian world view or belief.

Books like this are only helping their readers become acquainted with the Christian faith, but authors even use it to examine their own faith; questioning the philosophical, moral, and ethical questions and hoping to discover the answer.

For example, C.S. Lewis’ books were considered to be Christian fiction books because of the allegorical references made in his stories. Of course, there is the argument of whether Christian authors automatically churn out Christian writings. This depends entirely on the reader.

Christian fiction books create a huge important to readers and help them get acquainted and get a better perspective about their faith.

If you are looking for great classic Christian fiction books to read, here are some that you might want to check out.

The Screwtape Letters

Considered to be one of C.S. Lewis’ most well known book outside of the Narnia series; this was a huge favorite among evangelical writer’s circle. The entire book revolves around Screwtape, an administrative assistant from hell, giving advice to Wormwood, his young assistant.

Wormwood is assigned to corrupt a young man and is getting advice and admonitions from Screwtape. Lewis’ witty presentation, taken from the perspective of hell and devils, makes the bookinteresting to read.

It is packed with great insights into the depth and rationalizations of sin.

The Lord of the Rings

People who are now familiar with the Lord of the Rings as a movie might be shocked to find out that this book is actually classified as a Christian fiction book. In fact, the author, J.R.R. Tolkien was a great influence for C.S. Lewis as a Christian.

Tolkien was actually a devout believer and spent a majority of his time creating his books. One of them, of course, became the Lord of the Rings. The story of this book revolves around Frodo Baggins, after he inherits a ring from his uncle, Bilbo Baggins. This same ring, however, has the power to control the world and provide unimaginable power to its bearer.

However, a great council has agreed that the ring is dangerous and needs to be destroyed; however, the only way for it to be destroyed is if it is thrown into the same fire that created it, which lies in Mordor. Even though Frodo is resolved in not using the ring, he is still weak and he struggles to fight off his urge to use the ring while it slowly poisons his personality.

The story has similarities and allegorical references to the story of Jesus and it also includes lessons about how goodness can never be achieved from evil things.

These two books are just some of the many classic Christian fiction books that you might want to explore and get acquainted with.

Article by James Taylor, learn more about Chrisitan Fiction Books and Christian Apparel.

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