Anticipation For The Sci-Fi Movie Surrogates


Many people have felt that science fiction has been in somewhat of a stagnant pool in the past ten years. Ever since the thought provoking film the Matrix appeared, many have attempted to rip off its formula of using the internet as a plot device and showing how technology can isolate humanity. However, a new film is coming out soon that appears to be taking the theme to the next level. That film is called Surrogates.

Surrogates takes place in the year 2017, where people no longer have to put their lives in even the most minor of dangers thanks to robotic avatars called Surrogates which look exactly the way they want to look. With a Surrogate, a user can do whatever and be whatever they want. From the safety of a chair they are plugged into, people are able to go out into the world and experience life however they want to without putting their actual selves in danger. They could jump off of a cliff and survive if they so wished and there would be no real consequences for them. That is until somehow or another people begin actually dying connected to their chairs when their surrogates are destroyed. A cop (played by Bruce Willis) sets out to uncover the truth, but nearly dies when his Surrogate malfunctions. Forced to go out into the world without the safety of his Surrogate, he seeks to find the one responsible for the malfunctions.

The film is based on the comic book published by Top Shelf Productions, and was the brainchild of writer Brett Weldele, who wrote the comic after wondering if the anonymity of the internet would not eventually spread to real life. It is known that on the internet people have a tendency to act in a manner completely different from how they would act in real life, often disregarding taboos and things of that nature. This is what makes the subject matter of Surrogates so interesting, because it makes one ponder if the same would translate over if people used surrogates. The film is already generating quite a buzz with its concept. To coincide with the film’s release, Top Shelf Production is releasing a prequel to comic book series called Surrogates: Flesh and Bone, also written by Brett Wldele. Surrogates is slated to open on September 25th, 2009.

Will it live up to the hype or will it flop like so many of the other sci-fi movies as of late?

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