Mobile monitoring promoted the development of smart home


In the mobile phone market,Samsung is represented by iPhone and Android IOS system has always been represented by two opposing points, two systems will be moved to the digital home systems will naturally conflict,in order to allow users to more targeted and personalization options , many companies abandoned the IOS system, which select Android open-source system,the price is more close to the people.With the growing global smart mobile device market,the security industry also took the opportunity to play , the climax for the consumer home security or smart home market, with the biggest selling point for mobile devices , increasing their market competitiveness,smart phones fiery led to the development of smart home . No matter when and where the user , as long as the phone has a signal can be real-time monitoring and PTZ ip cameras on the front control . Phone monitoring support 3g, wifi , and other various formats , support for IOS, android, windowsmobile other mobile operating systems. Commercial 3g wireless network range more widely , the wireless network bandwidth accordingly been greatly improved, mobile video surveillance application environments become increasingly mature . Mobile video surveillance can be in any space,any time, remote monitoring of real-time viewing content.
High coverage of mobile wireless networks , almost free from the complex terrain and regional restrictions mountains, rivers , bridges and roads. Development of wireless network eliminates the high costs caused by long-distance network cabling . Users can phone anytime and anywhere using wireless video surveillance, rather than confined to a computer preinstalled better monitoring of the client. Meanwhile phone monitoring not only can cover all fixed monitoring service , you can also carry a variety of mobile services, such as mobile law enforcement surveillance, mobile interviews.
Smart home systems now in a lot of people seem to have not a strange concept. Especially in recent years , complete smart home system in the family, so that we have a clearer understanding of the capabilities of smart home . Today, the means for controlling smart home devices can be said to be varied , while the use of smart phones is undoubtedly one of the most convenient and most practical control. With the spread of wireless phone signals , users can achieve precise control of the device at greater distances.With GSM wireless signal , users can directly break the limitations of time and space , flexible control home appliances. For such a control effect, not only the so-called over -sensing , infrared control more accurate , but in the configuration and construction equipment , and more economical and convenient . Now sales of smart home systems upward momentum , the concept of the smart home market products from the southern coastal areas and inland medium-sized cities have radiation to the west. In fact, from the decoration price , the price of smart home system is no longer unattainable , many traditional cabling methods villa , prices of luxury items has already begun to decline, the price of hundreds of thousands than two or three years ago ,nearly smart home system can be described as a two-year discount rate price considerably . The wireless smart home price is more close to the people ,most of wireless smart home system cost items ( home to one hundred square meters , whichever ) can already do 2-3 million , and even some can be done within a million.
Appears that the status quo,directly contributed to the strong development of smart home industry. According to IIPA market research data show that in 2012 China Smart Home System in the new home market penetration has reached 2.96%,compared with 1.71% in 2010 increased by 1.25 percentage points. IIPA believes that the smart home will still maintain a certain gestation period of time ,2016 – 2017 is the beginning of the domestic smart home industry ‘s rapid development .Meanwhile, the smart home industry development so far, ambitious atmosphere has gradually fade , functions and complex operation is being gradually abandoned slick and improved. Most practitioners have to focus on to provide users with a more convenient and comfortable living,more streamlined than the daily life of the operation , more attentive service . Steady development is not aggressive, increase capital investment, companies will accomplish much emphasis on R & D , science fiction movies like smart home life in the near future. As part of the home phone , no doubt played a very important role in the high replacement frequency driven the rapid development of mobile video surveillance , intelligent home at this time also will be applied to a wider market , with human needs continues to improve, the smart home market prospects are very impressive.

With the development of smart phones and tablet PCs,monitors no longer meet the increasingly apparent in the control room and realized on a PC,mobile phone as a client needs to be monitored,common network video surveillance has been unable to meet the user’s growing diversity needs.Involved in the development of mobile monitoring security area,which means the smart home in the future will have a good development.
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