DLF Mall of India-Shopping in Noida


DLF Mall of India is the biggest mall in India which has about 500 showrooms which include all the famous national and international fashion brands, top grocery stores, salons, food court, gaming arena, movie screens and much more. Being the largest in size and in entertainment activities, it is now being called India’s first destination mall. Its magnificence has made it one of the best places to visit in Noida.

This 7 floored giant has attracted a lot of attention for shopping in Noida, ever since it came into being, in the year 2015. With the availability of entertainment amenities, gaming, dining, and movies, it has also topped the list of places to visit in Noida for couples. Couples can enjoy a body spa/ pedicure in the salon, watch a movie, go for games in gaming zone, the bowling alley is usually the couples’ favorite, and have a nice meal in a great ambiance.

Apart from the couples, it is also a great place for the individual shopping, jaunt in a group and family outing. DLF Mall of India brags of having the biggest gaming zone in Noida. With its unmatched variety of games and virtual reality sports, it instantly becomes the most favorite gaming hot spot for the kids. Moreover, if you are looking for cinemas in Noida, then DLF Mall of India is your destination because it has PVR with 7 screens, which show all the latest Bollywood and Hollywood hits.

DLF Mall of India is also known to celebrate all the occasions of national, cultural and religious importance in the most interactive and entertaining way. All the members of the visitors can enjoy the festivities in a new way, every time. Also, the theme of decoration also changes from time to time, according to the upcoming season, festival, occasion or any other important day. So, even when you go to the mall repeatedly, it appears to be different every time, yet has the same essence of pleasure in shopping, dining, and entertainment.

For being the most dynamic and futuristic mall in India, it has a number of awards on its name, from the award of Most Preferred Upcoming Shopping Mall of the Year, in 2013 to the latest, Shopping Mall of the Year, 2017. And there a lot more in between, for smart building, best interior decoration, best architecture, and designing, the award of excellence by India tourism summit, icons award and sustainable design awards, which glorify the mall in the most significant ways.

From general shopping to special dinners, common festivals to special occasions, DLF Mall of India invites you to celebrate anything and everything with its trained professionals, working their way through art, music, fashion, decoration and event organization. In the industry of retail and entertainment, DLF Mall of India tops all, giving you a good time to remember to the lifetime. And not just once, but every time you go, you’ll see a different entrance gate and an altogether different experience when you are coming out. This synergy and dynamism make DLF Mall of India, ‘India’s first destination mall’.

DLF Mall of India has attracted a lot of attention for shopping in Noida, ever since it came into being, in the year 2015. With the availability of entertainment amenities, gaming, dining, and movie.

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