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InStyle is one of the best-selling monthly women’s fashion magazines published in the United States by Time Inc. InStyle brings together the best of high fashion and celebrity style to enhance the lives and individual style of real women. The magazine comes up with the latest fashion and beauty tips to help you create your own unique look. Each issue is packed with celebrity style secrets, hot fashion trends, best beauty buys, hair, makeup, accessories and more.

In the latest issue of InStyle magazine, read an exclusive interview with Shailene Woodley, in which she talks about love, gratitude & living a life of beautiful simplicity. She also reveals how after a three-week-long trip to India, she returned to the States with nothing more than “a pair of leggings, a pair of sweats, one long-sleeve shirt, and a shawl.” If Woodley seems unusually determined to stay grounded and savor the present moment, it’s easy to understand why. Success–and all its attendant demands–has come fast and furious for the free-spirited actress: At just 24 years old, she’s already checked off more career milestones than most actors do in a lifetime.

After starring in the ABC family series The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Shailene Woodley scored a breakout film role as George Clooney’s daughter in the Academy Award-winning The Descendants and went on to earn teen-cult status with the romantic dramas The Fault in Our Stars and The Spectacular Now. Soon she will also add a cable-TV-binge show to her résumé (the HBO limited series Big Little Lies, with Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon). And, of course, there’s the ongoing series of blockbuster movies about post-apocalyptic Chicago that started with 2014’s Divergent and continued with last year’s Insurgent. The third installment, Allegiant, opens this month, with the final chapter, Ascendant, due in summer 2017. To know about her favorite red carpet looks, including one she picked up at Anthropologie on sale for $ 30, grab your latest copy of InStyle magazine now.

Read the latest issue of InStyle to know the 7 most-wanted items, how to choose sunglasses and treat dark circles and also get tips on finding the best foundation for you.

InStyle digital magazine is available on all digital newsstands like Apple, Magzter, Google, Amazon, etc. In the current era, many people prefer to read the digital version of magazines than the print version as digital magazines have several benefits. One of the most important benefits is the ease of access it provides for readers to read as many magazines as possible on the go, on their smart phones or tablets. The digital version of the InStyle magazine has immense discount for its annual subscription on digital newsstands like Magzter. Start reading InStyle magazine and know everything that you need to know about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.

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