The IPad is Leading Personalized Learning to the Forefront


Just how big is the iPad and its apps? In 2013, Apple sold over 4.5m devices to schools and 8m all over the world. It has 108,030 apps available for education. There are 65K apps alone for the iPad and the average cost for an apple app is $ 4.12.

Worldwide, there are 1.2 billion people using apps and it is estimated that by 2017 there will be 4.4 billion. Apple has 18 percent of the market share whereas Android has 76 percent. The number of apps submitted daily are 857. Sounds cray, cray!

You can find education apps in reading, earth science, mathematics, English Language Learning, writing, history, geography, physics, music, special education, chemistry, astronomy, space and there are many more. There are thousands of apps for both students and teachers. Please visit and for a list of educational apps for iPads.

Going Away? Not Anytime Soon If Ever

Clearly, the iPad and its apps are here to stay. Children as young as two years old and that is including my niece are starting to explore apps. There are half a million videos, pod casts, lectures, etc. in iTunes U.

The iPad features which includes a large screen and motion sensors is a portable and versatile device that makes learning fun. Students can use it any time, any where and just about in any place they choose to learn. Still, one of the best features is that it addresses all learning styles. There is not only a plethora of content in all the subject areas, it is also accessible and it supports creativity for student learning.

Starting Point

The information may sound intimidating and overwhelming. Where does a teacher even begin to make sense out of integrating the iPad in student learning? Given the amount of apps and mobile devices available for student learning, it is imperative that teachers be trained to use the iPad as a learning aid.

As a starting point, I found a great slide show presentation “Setting up your iPad classroom: tips for teachers. Slide share has a ton of presentations to help you integrate technology and learning with an iPad.

Setting up your iPad classroom: tips for teachers from MmeNero

Improving Student Achievement

We now know that iPads are in the schools and that there are a wide selection of apps from which to select from. Further, we have a guide that can help us set up the iPad classroom.

We also know that iPads are quite poplular to use with students. There are ninety percent of students that believe the iPad helps them to study more effectively.

And, that according to Apps in My Pocket, eighty-eight percent of parents embrace the iPad as a learning tool for their child. In addition, there are forty-three percent of teachers that allow students to use the iPad as a learning device.

But, does the iPad really improve student achievement? Studies have been conducted to measure whether the iPad does in fact improve student learning or not. One such study concluded as follows:

“Just how big is the universe, how small is an atom, and how long have we humans lived on Earth, compared with dinosaurs? Such answers are better learned with an iPad, according to a new study that shows just how tablets tap neurocognitive abilities that help students understand enormous scale and other difficult concepts.”

“Students saw learning gains after as little as 20 minutes of study on the iPad, the research found, and if supported with guidance from an instructor their improvement may have been even more pronounced, the scientists suggest. “The bottom line is that these iPads and similar tools actually do make a difference,” said physicist Matthew Schneps, a founding member of the Science Education Department at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Massachusetts.”

Independent and Personalized Learning

As we continue further through the iPad World, I want to ask, “What is it exactly that teachers and students can do with an iPad?”

Through the use of these hands-on devices the student’s learning can be personalized to target skills such as critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and problem solving. There is multitude of activities that students can engage in creating and enhancing their independent learning via the iPad. Teachers can facilitate and personalize the student’s learning through the use of the following activities.

-Record and Edit Video

-Record & Edit Audio

-Read Class Content

-Annotate Course Readings

-Read Audio Books

-Create Digital Notebooks/Note Taking

-Create Screencasts

-Create Presentations

-Create Digital Stories


-Respond to Questions, Polls & Assessments

-Create Written Content


-Create ePubs/Digital Books

-Create and Edit Images

-Simulate a Language Lab Environment

-Improve their Organization

-Conduct Video/Virtual Conferences

For further information on each one of these and more learning activities please visit:

The Click N Go Kids and iPad

It goes without saying, that students love playing games, watching videos and movies and spending as much time on social media sites as possible. However, students are also using the iPad to create their own learning.

The click n go kids have access to iBooks in every subject, speeches, virtual tours and videos from learning institutions and experts from all over the world. They research and prepare presentations using video, music, sound, photos and graphics.

They can write and analyze data through the use of charts, tables and graphs. The creation of HD videos with iMovie and visuals with iPhoto is within their reach. Using apps such as Garageband allows them to record, edit and mix music that can be embedded in presentations or videos of their very own making.

Yes, they still have assignments but the way they are learning and presenting the material is a whole new world that they are creating. Finally, they can take any given topic, skill, or concept and take ownership for the way they learn and how best to go about learning the content.

Learning is Authentic, Meaningful and Relevant

Many a times, students could not make the connection as to “why should I have to learn this and how am I going to use it?” Worse, they could not visualize the idea of learning in a multi-disciplinary approach. It was up to the teacher to convey why it was important to learn and how it would apply to themselves? It is often the teacher the makes the learning connection.

Image by AdelaideNow

Now, technology has made it possible for student to discover and explore whatever they are learning to bring meaning and relevancy to self. The iPad World has provided a platform of rich and abundant resources that has allowed them to learn through these mediums. Exciting, absolutely as each student has the opportunity to gain and apply knowledge the best way they learn.

Technology education has made student learning fun, adventurous and engaging. Please keep in mind, that this article has been restricted to one learning device. I can just begin to imagine what the rest of the technological tools can and will do.

Until We Meet Again

It has been a joy researching and providing valuable information to my readers. I want to say thank you to my continued supporters and to those that are just joining us. I encourage you to keep reading my blog and making comments. I cannot wait to bring you my next artice, Part 5 of 6, learning with games.

Hasta la vista!

Magali has a Ph.D. in Education Administration and is the CEO of 26 Gems; an education technology company. Visit our website at
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