A Small Collection Of Quick Movie Outlines To See


For years now, the video store was the way to get movies. High speed internet access has now made it possible to download movies right off a movie download site. You will find just about any movie you want with a good movie download site. Below is a small sample.

The Incredible Gentleman: A well known and beloved Television megastar dies and Ferrer disposes his commemoratory show, only to find the megastar was a disgraceful fake. Al Morgan adjusted Morgan’s thinly veiled novel in regards to Arthur Godfrey. Cast includes Jose Ferrer, Dean Jagger, Keenan Wynn, Julie London, Jim Backus, and Ed Wynn. (92 minutes, 1956)

Metroland: Chris Bale, an easy going wedded gentleman, is visited by his oldest buddy, a vagabond poet, who convinces him to reflect on his Bohemian nights in late ’60s Paris and query the value of his life in London suburbia. Adrian Hodges adjusted Julian Bames’ novel. Cast includes Christian Bale, Emily Watson, Lee Ross, Elsa Zylberstein, Rufus, Jonathan Aris, Ifan Meredith, Amanda Ryan, and John Wood. (97 minutes, 1998)

The Great Lie: Brent weds Davis after breaking off an engagement with Astor. Astor is carrying his child. He is lost in a plane crash, leaving Davis and pregnant Astor to battle each other and all the complications. Cast includes Mary Astor, Bette Davis, George Brent, Lucile Watson, Hattie McDaniel, Permit Mitchell, and Jerome Cowan. (107 minutes, 1941)

Number One with a Bullet: Carradine and Williams do well in this somewhat normal action movie where we have aggressive investigators out to dethrone a drug kingpin. Cast includes Robert Carradine, Billy Dee Williams, Valerie Bertinelli, Peter Graves, Doris Roberts, and Bobby DiCicco. (101 minutes, 1987)

Good Guys Wear Black: Norris hops feet first through a windshield and proceeds to rearrange the face of bellman Backus, all in the name of nationwide security. Stupid political paranoia thriller passes time effortlessly enough. Cast includes Chuck Norris, Anne Archer, James Franciscus, Lloyd Haynes, Dana Andrews, and Jim Backus.(100 minutes, 1979)

Downhill: This film charts a gentleman’s spiritual skid, beginning while, as a schoolboy, he is disowned by his family after an indiscretion with a gal, and later as an adult while his spouse wastes away his inheritance. Lesser Hitchcock film still shows the master’s visual ability. Cast includes Ivor Novello, Ben Webster, Robin Irvine, Sybil Rhoda, Lillian Braithwaite, Isabel Pants, and Ian Hunter. (95 minutes, 1927)

Follow Me Boys: A very corny Disney film in regards to easy going man who settles in tiny town during the 1930s and starts Boy Scout troop, committing his life to this empowering pursuit. A little less jelly could have helped, although a little of it is finished with awesome conviction. Cast includes Fred MacMurray, Vera Miles, Lillian Gish, Charlie Ruggles, Elliott Reid, and Kurt Russell. (131 minutes, 1966)

The Stepford Wives: An up to date remake of the 1975 film of the same name. The town of Stepford, on first look, seems like the perfect place. Everything in Stepford seems perfect. Newcomers to Stepford Joanne and Bobbie are starting to wonder what is going on. Will they figure it out before it is too late?

All at Sea: Strong comedy that keeps its own all the way through. Guinness is adorable as sailor who couldn’t bear the sight of water although purchases rundown home on a wharf, turning it into an entertainment palace. Original title was Barnacle Bill. Cast includes Alec Guinness, Irene Browne, Percy Herbert, and Harold Goodwin. (87 minutes, 1957)

For file downloads use a phrase like “Movies Online Rental”. If the first search proves ineffective type in something different. To get new search results type in “Music Downloads”.

You have to have an open mind when you get these movies. Movies / Films Giving you new movies and old classics to choose from. Movie downloads can be a great option if you can find the good resources.

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