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The one question that has and will keep burning in our heart is why do all these relationships are so hard. One of the greatest mysteries of this world in the concept of love, nobody knows the work our mind plays, is it some chemical reaction or after all it’s the heart that’s the culprit. Nobody really knows and we can make a safe bet that will really be able to know. As a result we have these numerous flicks who try to decipher the mystery that stays within our heart. Perfect Combination is no exception. It has a lot of heart with a touchy and happy ending.

Perfect Combination and so many others all belong to the genre known as romantic Dramedy. This genre has provided people with numerous light hearted moments and has helped people crawl through many lazy afternoons. The basic essence of Perfect Combination is that there is a guy looking for a girl of his dreams. But he is oblivious to the truth that lies in front of him. Sounds like many different other movies? Nobody said that this is an original concept but when we come to think to it, this story is the soul of Romcom hence you really can’t separate them!

The story revolves around a handsome and successful executive Rick (Christian Keyes in his smashing new avatar). He leads a very simple life style but then one day he get a promotion and that too when he is just shy of being 30. All this makes him into thinking that he still does not have an extraordinary girl in his life.

As a result he joins an old fashioned in-house dating service named Perfect Combination. What follows then is a string of disastrous dates one after another right from timid vegan types to outrageous biker chicks. At the end of all Rick starts loosing heart only to realize that what he is seeking for is right beside him.

On the top if it he has three best friends who although are very friendly and are in the same problem as he is i.e. trying to find the perfect girl but they never miss a opportunity to take a jibe at him. It’s the only high point of the movie as their acting is quite natural and gives a friendly and heartwarming feel to the viewer.

The shortcoming of the movie is also the basic plot of it, the notion of blind dating. It is an urban fad. The concept of people sitting and dining with total strangers, feeling uncomfortable at the drop of the hat and having no common topics to converse on. This scenario leads more to disasters than to happy endings and watching that can sometimes become very painful and tiring.

In the end the verdict is out, I might not highly recommend this movie to everybody but it is definitely worth watching, at least once. Sit at home and enjoy this typical Sunday afternoon, popcorn and cold drink movie.

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