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Shadow of a Doubt: Perceptive Americana entangled with tale of youthful gal who gradually comes to grasp her cherished Uncle Charley is seriously the Merry Widow Killer. Cast includes Teresa Wright, Joseph Cotten, Macdonald Carey, Patricia Collinge, Henry Travers, Wallace Ford, and Hume Cronyn. (108 minutes, 1943)

Rebel: Tiresome, justifiably vague time tablet characterizing Stallone, pre-stardom, as a disassociated political extremist (a fascinating balance to Rambo). Cast includes Antony Page, Sylvester E. Stallone, Rebecca Dirties, and Henry G. Sanders. (112 minutes, 1974)

For Love of Ivy: A family desires to keep their servant, so they find her a man to keep her happy. The film is a ho-hum black romance at best. Cast includes Sidney Poitier, Abbey Lincoln, Guy Bridges, Leon Bibb, Nan, Martin, Lauri Peters, and Carroll O’Connor. (102 minutes, 1968)

The Little Theatre of Jean Renoir: A quartet of little stories in reference to human respectability and the beneficence of country living (instead of subsisting in a dehumanized city forest). Renoir’s celluloid swan song might not be amid his best, however still has much to offer. Cast includes Jeanne Moreau, Femand Sardou, Francoise Arnoul, Jean Carmet, Marguerite Cassan, and Dominique Labourier. (100 minutes, 1971)

Lantana: An adult story of relations obstructed by monotony, routine, and absence of articulation. LaPaglia plays a cop, whose matrimony has stagnated, leading him to have an affair. In the mean time, he examines the disappearance of a lady whose own matrimony is in danger. The film is beautifully nuanced at every turn. Cast includes Anthony LaLaglia, Geoffrey Hurry, Barbara Hershey, Kerry Armstrong, Rachael Blake, Vince Colosimo, Daniela Farinacci, and Peter Phelps. (121 minutes, 2001)

Big Shots: So-so adolescent venture in reference to an ignorant white boy and streetwise city black that come together and find themselves hired as hit men. Cast includes Ricky Busker, Darius McCrary, Robert Delight, Robert Prosky, Jerzy Skolimowski, and Paul Winfield. (90 minutes, 1987)

The Black Orchid: A concocted soap style film of bumbling businessman (Quinn) courting mafia widow (Loren) and the complication of persuading their youngsters that matrimony can make all their lives better. Cast includes Sophia Loren, Anthony Quinn, Ina Balin, Jimmie Baird, (Peter) Mark Richman, Naotni Stevens, and Frank Puglia. (1959 minutes, 96)

Seize the Day: Williams is momentous as Tommy Withelm, turning 40 and a failure by any standard, broke, and much in need of finding love. Wiseman and Stiller offer fine aid as his cold hearted dad and a con man he naively believes in. Lots of recognizable faces in tiny roles: Tony Roberts, Richard Shull, John Fiedler, Jo Van Fleet, William Hickey, Eileen Heckart, and numerous others. Cast includes Robin Williams, Joseph Wiseman, Jerry Stiller, and Glenne Headly. (93 minutes, 1986)

Slaughter in San Francisco: Prior cop Wong desires retribution on killer of his companion. Norris, in an aiding role, is the poor guy. Cast includes Don Wong, Ditch Norris, Sylvia Channing, Robert Jones, and Dan Ivan. (87 minutes, 1981)

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