Adversity Builds Character


Do you know that you are a divine creation of God? You were made to be a blessing to others that are put in your path. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not realize this due to the circumstances or storms that surround them. Many of us today are still reeling from past hurts from our childhood that has shaped the person they are today.

Were you a victim of child or sexual abuse or other types of abuses too horrible to mention? Even though the first two are more than devastating enough to have a severe impact on you. Maybe you were bullied in school and therefore became withdrawn, fearful and have a major distrust of others? If you look around, you are not alone. There are many individuals around today walking around with issues that could level a building. This does not have to be the case. No one said life would be a bowl of cherries or that we would be happy go lucky all of the time. Sometimes difficulties are placed in our way in order to test our character. I have a favorite mantra – “Be a Victor Not a Victim”.

That just means that if you have never gone through anything, you could not possibly understand the trials and tribulations of colleagues, family and friends. What you have gone through in your lifetime may just be the testimony someone needs to hear. If you are strong to come through any storm and still stand, that shows your true character; that nothing or no one has the power to destroy you. One of my favorite movies of all time is “Gone with the Wind”. In the very last line of the movie, Scarlett is upset that her husband has just left her, her best friend just passed away and the man she thought she loved turned out to be the exact opposite of what she was. While contemplating her next move, and being too tired to think of anything else, she closes the movie with “I’ll think about that tomorrow; because after all, tomorrow is another day!” Granting I am just paraphrasing, but you get the point. Whatever is going on in the midst of your life, it can get better. You just have to regroup, renew and start over if you must. Like the Bible says, “You are more than a conqueror!

Don’t let past circumstances define your character. God has successes for you that are unimaginable. You just have to have faith in yourself and in God to let it happen. There is nothing that you can’t achieve if you just put your mind to it. Have a hobby that you are passionate about? Why not feed off of that passion and put it to work for you? Have a bucket list? Well, get started on it while you still have the chance. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone of us and the time is now to grab the bull by the horns and get it done. Want to finish school or achieve a higher level of education? Go back to school or take some online courses. I have my own bucket list which entails traveling, school and retiring to focus on my online businesses. The world is my oyster and I fully plan to chuck it open and get my pearl! Why don’t you join me?

Vanessa is an author and infopreneur who is looking to expand her online businesses as an Avon Independent Sales Representative and a Site Build It! (SBI!) 5 Pillar Program Affiliate. You can find her at: and
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