Humor Therapy for Cancer is the Best Medicine


What do you call a person who has a compulsion to get lymphoma again and again?

A lymphomaniac.


So perhaps it’s not the best of comedies and maybe some people would believe it is offensive to be joking about something as serious as cancer. As they said the sole folks who can joke about cancer are cancer patients themselves.

However in truth, one of the better alternative cancer treatments is comedy. Laughing out loud has been informally called the best medicine there exists, and it holds true with cancer as with any disease. Truth is there’s currently an alternative treatment called Humor Therapy or Laugh Therapy and a lot of cancer patients have attested to the powers of having a laugh to making them feel much better.


Even though no science has clinically verified the healing potential of laughter, lots of hospitals have been establishing therapy sessions that include joke sessions, clowns and incredibly funny movies that will make one LOL or ROFL. In a few hospitals, this alternative way of treating cancer has turned into a monthly ritual where cancer patients would turn into standup comics for some time and read or recite jokes that could cover anything from off-colored to totally corny ones.

Quality of Life

Despite the deficiency of scientific support, lots of cancer professionals and the patients themselves understand that laughter can alleviate stress. And anxiety has been the number one component to cancer deterioration. Some of the patients, who not just experience the reality of fatality but also the adversity of cancer treatment, have found that they feel better with laugh therapy.

The intention of laugh therapy is to direct their inner thoughts on living effectively instead of the dying part. It is also a way of controlling cancer rather than allowing it to manage you. It’s found that whenever a person laughs, it can be some kind of pain reliever, the capability to relax and simply perking up and getting the best quality of living.

The Science of Laughing

Physically what hilarity really does is it boosts breathing therefore boosts oxygen flow within the body. It gives a short-term manipulation of hormones and parts of neurotransmitters. And just like exercise, it makes our hearts beat more rapidly.

In 1979, an editor of Saturday Review, Norman Cousins, wrote a book called “Anatomy of an Illness” where he substantiates the potential of sense of humor through the formula of mirth and nutritional vitamins in overcoming a terminal illness.

“I made the joyous discovery that ten minutes of genuine belly laughter had an anesthetic effect,” he wrote.

But even long before, laughter has been utilized as an anesthetic. In the thirteenth century surgeons made their patients have a good laugh to redirect their awareness from the agony. Including the bible has mentions of the advantages of comedy.

Cancer Treatment Centers

Medical centers which have used the Humor Therapy have different styles to their humor day. Some cancer treatments have come up with “Strength Through Laughter”. Other facilities developed a different of session where patients are made to say, “Haha”, “Hehe”, “Hoho”. Although this seemed awkward in the beginning, it eventually caught on until it had been real laughter that has been emerging from their mouths.

As of late, more than two dozen medical centers are training to incorporate Laugh Therapy as an alternative cancer treatment. And more and more non-profit organizations are offering these trainings.

So to repeat the process.

Doctor: I’ve got your test results and I possess some not so good news. You have cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Patient: Boy, am I fortunate. I had been afraid I have cancer.

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