Let The Landscape Heal You And Make You Sing


This holiday season, have you decided where you would love to go with your family? Wouldn’t you like to go somewhere quiet and calm and alive with the splendor of nature? A country side where the poets of yore found inspirations and the muses of nature bade them to sing? A little place in the Lake District in England, where Wordsworth found his Daffodils, and Coleridge dreamt about faraway lands and tales of Kubla Khan and the Ancient Mariner. Wouldn’t you just love to get away from all the haste and monotony of everyday life and careers, and take long refreshing walks through the old walkways and lake sides, and just take in the awe of the rugged landscape, the forests, the lakes and the hills and valleys and the mystic mysteries of the ancient druids?

The Lake District has always been a favorite spot for holiday makers all over the world, and the little towns and vast country sides have held their allure for the nature loving tourist for ages. The landscape is different from most other English sites, and for the avid nature enthusiast, the diversity of the flora and fauna of the region, holds great scope for study and appreciation. The uniqueness of the country side has been portrayed in many literary references by local and national poets, and the county is like a pilgrimage site for devotees of English literature.

In the recent times the Lake District has been home to many other cultural enterprises like theatre and films, and Keswick, a little market town in the county holds annual film festivals that draw in thousands from all over the country. The annual Christian convention called the Keswick convention is also a popular religious event, which attracts religious tourists from different parts of England every year. It is also the permanent venue for the Blue Box theatre, and the Theatre by the Lake is a great modern cultural hub in the United Kingdom. The most popular tourist sites in the Keswick region are the ancient druid site in Castlerigg, where the stone circle is still intact, and the Keswick museum and art gallery, and old spectacular country mansions like the Ormathwaite Hall. The popular local festivals like the Keswick Jazz festival and the Beer festival, are fun events and offers scope for entertainment and relaxation.

There are all ranges of quality accommodation available in the Lake District, and Keswick town and the surrounding country side offer a great variety of hotels, bed and breakfasts and self catering lodgings. There are also a selected range of stay options, in the grand country farm houses and mansions in and around Keswick and to find a Hotel in Keswick which caters to the cultural tourist, who loves to draw in the deep feel of the culture and traditions of any place, you can browse through the web, or consult your tour operator. The cuisines offered in the town’s various restaurants are varied and caters to international tastes, but to find that exquisite Restaurant in Keswick, where you can find local fare and the warm aromas of the English country sides, you should visit the restaurants in the country house hotels around Keswick.

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