Reference of UFOs in a Religious Context


UFOs or Unidentified flying objects have been a fascinating feature and been part of childhood fantasies of many people around. Aliens and UFOs have always attracted children and people. Steven Spielberg’s epic movie E.T or extra-terrestrial was a landmark movie showing alien and human friendship. There have been many Hollywood movies made with reference to aliens and have been blockbuster hits. UFOs have excelled in creating a vision or enhanced the imagination of people all over the world and made them think if these aliens or ancient astronauts exist in reality or not. There have been many texts that have suggested a possible link to UFOs to ancient religious context, and this subject has time and again intrigued many.

Religious texts like Koran, Mahabharata, Bible and many others have references of flying objects in which the Gods would descend on the Earth. These are typically shown as being similar in the context with UFOs. In Ramayana, there are instances where flying objects have been used. When Ravana kidnaps Seeta, the wife of Rama, Ravana does so by taking her in his flying machine called Vimana, and fly to his country in the middle of the sea called Lanka. Later on, at the end when Rama kills Ravana, Vibhishana who takes over the reins of Lanka after the demise of his brother Ravana, gives Rama a ride on his Pushpak Vimana to his city, Ayodhya. The way it is defined, Vimanas have a resemblance to the UFOs that scientist nowadays have caught sightings of in radars.

UFOs have said to be the cause of earthquakes, black dark clouds and also tsunamis and other paranormal activities. Religious texts have as such stories, and parts depicting how Vimanas would arrive on the earth and the way the surroundings would change. Also, it is said that Anunnaki who were said to be Gods who were worshipped by the Mesopotamian culture were truly extra-terrestrial beings from outer space. They are said to be of planet Nibiru which is near Neptune in the galaxy and which has its own elliptical orbit and revolves around just like other planets. It is said that Anunnaki would travel on their flying objects through the way of the constellations and reach Earth. Even now it is said that at times these aliens arrive on Earth time to time to keep an eye on the activities of human beings and also for their own purposes unknown.

Erich Von Daniken has written research books on aliens and shown evidence and related the stories given in ancient texts with the existence of outer beings on the Earth. He has totally changed the way and thinking of people, researchers and scientists around the world with his views and religious texts, artifacts and archeological surveys done by him and his team. According to him, ancient people used to be in contact with the outer space aliens and even Atlantis was in war with the alien clan and was destroyed by it.

There is still not much proof of UFOs being true but research is still going on and someday there is hope of finding beings other than humans in this galaxy.

UFOs & Ancient Aliens have been subjects of many researchers including likes of Zecharia Sitchin and Erich Von Daniken for years. Also, there have been several books on written them. The latest in the series is “In The Beginning : The Epic of Anunnaki”. More info:
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