Someone to Watch Over You – 10 Facts About Guardian Angels


Guardian angels are something that many people believe in. Performing a simple web search returns many results about experiences people had with guardian angels. Still, many misconceptions remain valid. What are guardian angels? Do they look like humans or are they something entirely paranormal? Do all people have a guardian angel?

Here are the top 10 intriguing facts related to the belief in guardian angels and the manner in which they affect our lives.

Fact 1: Guardian Angels and the Church
The church has never defined the existence of guardian angels and has never clearly stated its viewpoint on the issue. Simultaneously, guardian angels are described in the Bible and several texts are dedicated to them. Both Old Testament and New Testament verses deal with the topic.

Fact 2: The Origins
The ancient Greeks were the first to believe in the existence of guardian angels. These were often mentioned in the works of philosophers and writers like Plato.

Fact 3: Mystics and Guardian Angels
Some Christian mystics have written about their constant interaction with their guardian angels. Some of these people claim that the interaction with spiritual beings continued over periods as long as several years. Italian writer and mystic Maria Valtorta is one of these people. In fact, she wrote a book that was directly dictated by her guardian angel – Azariah.

Fact 4: Guardian Angels in Other Religions
Islam confirms the existence of guardian angels, as well. Yet, the angels have no influence over human choice, their responsibility is to keep track of good and bad deeds. Two angels accompany each person – one sitting on the left and another on the right shoulder. The aim of one is to record good deeds and the other takes mention of evil doing.

Fact 5: Coincidences?
According to people, the manner in which guardian angels act resembles coincidences. A guardian angel could force a person to forget a cell phone, for example. Going back home to get the cell phone, the person will be saved from a danger that could have occurred if a traditional routine was followed.

Fact 6: When are Guardian Angels Appointed?
Guardian angels are appointed to protect a person during childhood. They are responsible for protecting that person throughout life.

Fact 7: Celebration
The day on which guardian angels are honored is October 2.

Fact 8: The Appearance of Guardian Angels
Guardian angels come in many forms and shapes. Some people describe them as youthful and confident individuals. Moses saw a guardian angel in the form of a burning bush while Jacob’s guardian angels were climbing a stair to heaven.

Fact 9: Media
Guardian angels are so popular in society that they have been used as the main theme for movies and sitcoms. Touched by an Angel is probably the most famous TV series that present a team of guardian angels appointed to protect individuals from harm.

Fact 10: Are Angels Really Among Us?
Performing a web search returns many eyewitness stories on the activity of angels. The problem today is that people remain skeptical of such supernatural phenomena. Many would be unable to recognize a guardian angel among us.

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