Spiritual Awareness and Avoiding The Slippery Slopes In Life


If you ask any artist, producer, or writer, they would say that almost every story has to have some kind of profound meaning. There has to be some sort of underlying principle or theme that resonates deeply with the soul. I can name dozens of movies that I absolutely love. However, the one that has the most spiritual meaning is the dark comedy classic “Gremlins.” Yes, the movie was brilliantly written with a moral message that warns people to avoid the slippery slopes in life.

It is unfortunate that most people don’t really learn one of life’s lessons, until they experience the dire consequences of their actions. Gizmo was a cute little creature that was discovered and purchased in China-Town. Everything was great until little Gizmo was brought to suburbia. Emerged in the perfect world, the owner got careless, and despite admonitions from the seller. He spilled water on little Gizmo. This created the multiplier effect where little Gizmo gave birth to four other Gizmos. Then, the owner fed the little Gizmos after midnight and all hell broke loose. The cute snuggly, little creatures turned into nasty, ugly, menacing Gremlins that wrecked havoc on the town. They were destroyed by lightness and thrived in the dark.

Everyday, we are warned. We have spiritual text such as the Bible and Odu that guide us through life. We pretty much know right from wrong. However, there are defining moments when our weaknesses get the best of us. We think that it is okay to let things slide. We believe that we can do the wrong thing, just once, and everything will be okay. But our weaknesses have a multiplier effect. We then start to attract people and create experiences that align with the worse parts of our selves. Then things escalate out of control. This results in utter and complete chaos.

Gizmo, as cute and adorable as he was, had the ability to turn into an ugly nasty Gremlin. The movie was not only a reflection of our society, but also a mockery of how we allow bad choices to turn us into monsters. We feel the pain of our choices when our worlds come crashing down. And we are faced with consequences of anarchy, war, and destruction. This is what happens when we are guided by our weaknesses. We gravitate toward the wrong people and situations that wreck havoc on our lives. The secret is to be aware. The Gremlins couldn’t survive in the dark and neither can our weaknesses. It is through awareness that allows us to avoid the slippery slope of life.

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