The Coming Judgement Of God


We have not yet become walking zombies but I declare we may actually be a country of sleep walking idiots who need to wake up before it’s too late!.

In view of today’s time it is in my opinion that more and more people are beginning to feel that we now live in some uncertain times and everyone is simply trying to makes sense of all the mess and confusion.

A recent poll from the Pew Foundation claims that 40% of Americans believe that the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ will occur by the year 2050. I think it will happen sooner than that however, it is stunning that even though we are witnessing Islamic encroachment, houses of worship falling away and mass immorality of society we do see many American Christians standing strong.

What is interesting to me about website analytics is it not only will provide you with how many individuals visit my website, but it will also inform me of what exactly they are looking at and how long they are on the site. I find it interesting that despite the fact of the very valuable and informative content I provide most visitors fly through the site and then are off to other important website such as facebook to “like” the ridiculous photo or comment someone just shared.

The world-wide-web, that we must not forget, created by Al Gore, can be extremely mind boggling. From time to time a person may actually slow the heck down and take a moment to actually contemplate what it is they are actually reading.

To the defense of those who function in this manner, it may simply be because everything changes at such a rapid rate these days that it may just be easier to not deal with things until they are actually affecting you directly in a manner that you notice. But usually by then it is too late for you to do anything about it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with your continued living of life in this manner until everything comes crashing down that is and then you will be seeking help from those who prepared and then they will have the right to throw the “I told you so in your face”. Those who pay no attention to the warning being provided for free will soon be in the category of those that represent the old saying; ?They never knew what hit them.?

Since 1948 Biblical prophecies about the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ have been occurring on a mass scale in comparison to the last 1500 years or so of history. So why are most people not caring at all about this? Jesus Chris himself said it best. In chapter 24 of Matthew, Jesus lays out the exact world circumstances that are going to happen prior to His 2nd coming.

But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.? (Mt 24: 37-39)

Eating, marrying, and drinking are pretty common things in today’s era, so is there anything wrong with this picture? Most people are simply too preoccupied with their own daily affairs to pay much attention to anything else. The price they will pay for being so easily distracted is more than likely beyond their comprehension; what they fail to realize is their decision to ignore the warnings will most definitely cost those around them they care for as well.

Part of the problem today is that many are raised and taught in a system with secularist teachers, who are eager to fill pupils mind with mass false instruction and untrue historical “facts”.

For example, anyone in the United States who picks up a picket-sign and goes off to protest in favor of the Palestinians case for State creation or their hypothetical genocide and maltreatment by Israel are perfect specimens of victims who have been subjected to lazy, outrageous and false teachings of history.

Those very few who were willing to seek truth outside of the bogus de-education in the standard dumbing down institutions, and took the time to properly research the actual facts will take note that before 1948, a Palestinian State never existed., Historically, Palestinians have been a band of tribes that lived my nomadic means wandering throughout the region for as long as history documents and have no more been a state than my backyard is Babylon.

After years of launching rockets and detonating bombs against Israel and sending suicide bombers in to kill Israel men, women, and children, is accepted because we have failed to check the teaching curriculum, and we have failed to examine the character and intentions of those hired to instruct our children all while our education system is dismantled into rubbish; because you’re too busy? That is absurd!.

Society overlooks the very serious dire warnings outlined in scripture about how we are to consider Israel. If we continue living and creating a society of sleazy filth and a nation of immorality, continue turning a blind-eye to the corruption in government in the White House all the way down to city municipalities and in addition to our egotistical worship of anything material, then we are left with only one last remaining hope that keep us from being next from being labeled just another country that has fallen under the hand of God’s judgment. This passage from the Bible is straight forward.

Regarding Israel God said, “And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.” (Gen 12:3)

Just in case you missed it, Israel is our last hope prior to the hand of God’s divine judgment. Ever since the Obama administration has let loose anti-Israel rhetoric we have noticed our nation constantly on the edge of a national disaster of some sort whether it be militarily, economically, and “naturally”. Our alliance, aid and defense of Israel are in fact the only thing we have going in our favor that will preserve our nation from being destroyed by God. Oh, I’m I being too serious? I couldn’t be serious enough; it is very serious indeed and should not be taken lightly in any sense.

In today’s literature, the main stream media, movies and the daily news are full of headlines that contain no solution, no recovery, and no happy ending, and paints a fantastic doom and gloom picture. This is a direct reflection of our Nation’s society choosing to be tolerant and varied against God’s commands. It is easy to say these things will pass however it is a fact that everything our supposed leaders are doing continue to leave our Nation staggering almost to the point of collapse and brings us nowhere close to becoming a Nation standing in strength.

The motto of the Obama administration is, never let a good crisis go to waste. However I also believe the people of America are beginning to comprehend that the Obama administration may very well be the greatest disaster of all time.

The Presidential elections this November, 2012 may offer a solution and quite possibly even a positive outcome if the Americans who are not walking zombies have anything to say. A new slogan for the people of America should be etched into every citizen’s heart. A great Nation is an awful things to waste! Especially a wonderful Nation such as the United States of America, the last hope of the world for freedom and liberty.

We have to end the continuous absurdity of our time.

America now has a President in office who skips the National Day of Prayer but is ever so delighted and present for the start of the LBGT, the month long festival in support of the gay community and homosexual way of life. We are still questioning if President Obama is actually a Christian or if he is indeed a Muslim but either way we know he is down with the gays.

You shouldn’t worry about the glittery, shiny, fairy dust of fundamental transformation offers very little chance of losing its magical potency given that the President continuously whips and chastises corporations, ramming down our throats healthcare laws that we simply cannot pay for given our $ 16 trillion debt and counting the rising gas prices that he so eagerly wanted to raise as he stated during his 2008 Presidential campaign. Each and every one of us along with the media and political election officials are in charge of properly vetting each and every candidate for office, but we claim we are too busy.

There are numerous absurdities that continuously occur, but are too many to list, which makes it tough to draw a clear realization. It is difficult to rebuke a person for not knowing any better and simply doing the things they always do to be themselves. Living a simple life is always a good thing so long as that life does not blind you from the very reality you are being faced with. There is a time to rest and a time to act. Now is the time to act. We have been asleep for too long.

I will leave you with one last verse from the prophet Jeremiah.

“A voice was heard upon the high places, weeping and supplications of the children of Israel, for they have perverted their way, and they have forgotten the Lord their God.” (Jer 3:21)

-Chris Toney

I have been tired of the Red team vs Blue team politics of our country and decided that I was no longer going to remain silent. Thomas Jefferson stated “that the only think needed for tyranny to gain a foot hold is for good people to remain silent.”

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