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After a long list of animation failures in the’80’s Walt Disney finally got back on track with the success of the Little Mermaid in’89. Based on Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tale, the Little Mermaid movie is the story of a mermaid princess who lives in a fabulous underwater world and goes to great lengths to meet a human prince.

In King Triton’s underwater kingdom lived many princesses and one of them was Ariel and she was a little different from the rest. The princess and her best friend a fish named Flounder liked to go to the surface and look for humans and if they found any human artifact which fascinated them they’d bring it back and store it. Ariel was always attracted towards humans and always thought about what it feels to be a human and if she would ever be able to meet a human prince and live happily ever after.

Apart from collecting human relics and articles which they find in the ocean they try to know more about humans by meeting Scuttle, who is a seagull and means a world of good to Ariel. But the problem is Scuttle doesn’t know anything and only gives out outrageously funny information which he and his listeners think is true. Once when Ariel is on the surface she spots Prince Eric on a boat and cannot take her eyes off him and knows he is the one for her. But an unfortunate storm wrecks the boat and Ariel has to save Eric’s life.

Eric finds himself ashore but is sure that a girl saved his life and decides to find her. Meanwhile the underwater king is very upset with Ariel’s contact with the human and in his anger completely destroys Ariel’s human artifact collection with his trident. Ariel is grieved by the longing of her true love and with the king’s anger. That is when she is taken to Ursula the sea witch by two eels.

The sea witch smooth talks Ariel and tells her that she can be a human and all she needs to do is get her true loves kiss in three days of getting her new pair of legs. But as soon as Ariel is excited about this the witch takes her voice away and stores it in a locket that is hung around her neck and leaves Ariel to her doom.

Some of Ariel’s sea creature friends help take her human form to the shore where the prince soon finds her and is sure that she was the one who saved his life. But as soon as he learns that she cannot speak he is convinced that he was wrong. Ursula comes in the form of a beautiful woman and sings in Ariel’s voice to lure the prince and marry him. But will he?

To know what happens in the end people must watch this brilliant animation move. Those who still haven’t see it can now do so for free. All one needs is the internet. Connect to our website and watch The Little Mermaid online free on your computer.

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