What Kid (Or Parent) Doesn’t Love Veggie Tales


Began in 1993 by Phil Vischer and Mike Nawrocki, the incredibly popular animated Veggie Tales have entertained and educated children and parents with biblical tales and stories promoting moral character. Since its’ inception, the characters have been presented in a variety of formats, including DVD’s, television shows, and several books. Veggie Tales are also featured on many items for children, such as lunchboxes and bible covers.

The premise of Veggie Tales is to present moral lessons through the use of colorful and charming vegetables that reside on a kitchen counter. The main characters are Bob, a tomato, and Larry, a cucumber. These two generally introduce each story and conclude it with a moral summary of the message. They are supported by a recurring cast of other vegetables, each with their own personalities.

In addition to the fantastic graphic content, the Veggie Tales have catchy musical selections during the stories that help to reinforce the moral message in a memorable manner. The stories feature an intermission with a silly song, usually presented by Larry, which increases the fun for viewers of all ages. These tunes, and many others by the cast, have been features on a variety of CD’s so that fans can listen to them wherever they are.

The moral stories are presented in a fun and exciting way to which children can relate. The brilliant storytelling allows children to learn how to deal with an assortment of dilemmas, without feeling as though they are being pressured or talked down to by adults. For this reason, children enjoy watching the episodes repeatedly, reinforcing the positive messages presented by Vischer and Nawrocki.

The first story tackled by the team was the Old Testament story recounting when the prophet Daniel was thrown into a den of lions. The characters of Bob and Larry relate the tale to young Junior Asparagus to teach him to trust in God when is afraid. Other biblical stories featured in Veggie Tales include the story of Esther and the battle between David and Goliath.

Other ethical tales deal with topics such as the importance of telling the truth, treating others well, and learning to not behave selfishly. The creators also developed a loveable superhero alter ego for the character of Larry. The stories endear the characters to the viewer, and create an atmosphere of rooting for the good side to be victorious.

Parents enjoy the shows because they know their children are being exposed to positive morality in an amusing way. The movies and shows can be enjoyed by the entire family and can prompt discussions on how their children can further develop their own moral character. With so many forms of entertainment focusing on negative behavior in modern society, Veggie Tales provide an opportunity for parents to feel safe allowing their children to view fresh entertainment.

For nearly two decades, these adorable characters have been providing family friendly entertainment and education for people of all ages. Including memorable stories, and enjoyable musical contributions, the Veggie Tales franchise is a wonderful way to reinforce morals.

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