How Celebrities Influence Men’s Fashion


A few years ago, it was predominantly the world of women’s fashion that used celebrities to endorse their wares. However, menswear designers have since realised the kudos an attractive celebrity ‘hunk’ can lend to their brand.

An American website, established to allow women to ‘trend hunt,’ and then purchase, the garments sported by their favourite starlets, has recently branched out to include fashion stalking for men. The success of this business model indicates the effect famous faces, (and bodies), can have on our wardrobes.

Interestingly, it doesn’t even have to be the celebrity himself who influences the man on the street. This season it is Don Draper et al, from Madison Avenue of the 1960s, who are proving to have the biggest effect on male fashion. It is their office uniform; thin lapelled suits with tapered trousers and skinny ties, that is dictating trends, rather than the off-duty wear of John Hamm and his fellow co-stars.

Giorgio Armani was really running ahead of time when he put the goalie David James on the runway in 1995. He had deduced that the cachet of the male celebrity made them excellent representatives for his clothing labels. In 2010, the celebrity male model is omnipresent, evinced by the Calvin Klein X Underwear Campaign. To capitalise on a more globalised market, Calvin Klein has selected a quartet of models hailing from Europe, Asia and America. They have chosen famous men from a variety of fields to maximise their demographic appeal, this includes the teen heart-throb Kellan Lutz, (of ‘Twilight’ fame), for the sports obsessed there is Spanish tennis star, Fernando Verdasco and, for the Asian markets, the Japanese football hero Hidetoshi Nakata.

In some cases, it is the male superstar himself who has sought to dictate trends in a more direct manner by establishing their own fashion label. For example, before his untimely death, Michael Jackson was in cahoots with designer Christian Audigier, Liam Gallagher launched his bespoke label ‘Pretty Green’ in 2009 and the king of celebrity gossip, Perez Hilton, even has his own clothing line.

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