What is a nightmare?


Nightmare is a common experience for everybody as I believed. Though sometimes you are more conscious about them and sometimes not. Nightmares not only happen to children, many adults in fact face the problem of nightmare, too. Nightmares make you feel terrified and unpleasant. Very unluckily, you usually tend to remember clearly your nightmares instead of forgetting them. What are the causes for nightmares? Can we avoid the nightmares?

There are many causes for nightmares. One of the common ones is sickness. When you are sick especially suffering from fever, you feel physically uncomfortable. Or, due to the medicines like levedopa for Parkinson disease that people take when they are sick, they are more likely to have nightmare.

Another cause for nightmares can be stress. Stress from work, families, relationships and unexpected changes to your life can cause nightmares. Nightmares are always said to be a form of release to the daily built stress. Sometimes, you are actually unable to withstand such high pressure from your surroundings, but you are forced to, then, such over-pressure is released in your nightmares.

Childhood memories can also cause nightmares. Of course the memories talking about are usually the unpleasant ones. Sometimes you may not know the nightmares are actually caused by unpleasant childhood with neglect or abuse as you were too young to remember in your childhood.

Nightmares though serves some of the psychological healing purpose, most of them are disturbing. People usually get upset and anxious or poor sleep when they have the nightmare problems. Therefore, it can be extremely important to some people to prevent nightmares and enhance their quality level of sleep.

To prevent nightmares, you need to get into a good habit of sleep. Go to bed and get up around the same time. Try not to read scary book or watch scary movie before going to bed. Do not drink (alcohol) too much. You may turn on a little bit light as people feel safe when they are in light. Keep the room air fresh by open windows.

If unfortunately, your nightmare continues say more than once a week or if your quality level of sleep is significantly impaired, you may need to consult a doctor. If you do that, the doctor will give you pills as medication. The other way can be tied is to write down your nightmares. Think of the nightmare again but in the way you wish. Keep doing it continuously and you may find the nightmare goes away.

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