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the screen play of Vampire Academy vf is:
Trose shots and Lissa have always been inseparable. They could be like all girls their age, but Lissa is a Moroi vampire princess Rose is charged with protecting. To elopement
Academy, the two friends are punished and Rose is now monitored by the strict Dimitri. His condition becomes even more complicated to manage when his attraction to his mentor growing … While Lissa reluctant to take his royal duties, his enemies in the shadows preparing a plan to destroy and extinguish his lineage …

A bestseller

The film is from a series of paranormal novels written by American author Richelle Mead. A series of undeniable success since has sold over 5 million copies.

Mark Waters, the lovers of the teen comedy

Vampire Academy sign the 11th feature film by Mark Waters. A director whose audience is often teenage : include him Folles (2001) , Freaky Friday (2003), Mean Girls (2004) The Spiderwick Chronicles (2005 ) or even Mr. Popper ‘s Penguins (2011).

When the daughter of … Buffy is a vampire!

Coincidence or wink more than ” sherlockien ” ? Zoey Deutch who plays vampire Rosemary Hathaway, was previously cast in the series Ringer , in the role of Juliet Martin, daughter Siobhan Martin , played by Sarah Michelle Gellar … eternal Buffy, vampire hunter .

Casting Madness

Sarah Hyland , who plays Natalie Dashkov in the film , spent his audition via Skype for its role. As for Dominic Sherwood , he was the last actor to be cast for the film. He was taken to play the role of Christian Ozera just a few days before shooting began .

Actress pugnacious

Lucy Fry was not recalled after his audition for Lissa Dragomir . When producers began to accept video demos of actors, she sent hers that made him win the role .

forbidden Love

The film by Daniel Waters heavily on the impossible love that Rose feels for her teacher Dimitri . However , the original author of the novel , Richelle Mead, minimizes this taboo because of the age of seemingly small between the two protagonists ( 6-7 years apart in the book, 9 years in reality) difference. She explained in an interview on Moviefone that the essential point of this relationship is to go against the ideas of society. As a former teacher , she knows very well that weighs ban on faculty vis-à- vis their relationships with students .

Twilight wave

The Twilight saga is, like Vampire Academy , originally a series of novels , released between 2005 and 2008, when the first film came out component . Vampire Academy was written in 2008 and it was launched in 2013 as the film project adapted . Only if Stephenie Meyer (author of Twilight ) said to inspire a dream she had done for the plot around the forbidden love (Chapter 13 of Volume 1 ) , Richelle Mead is based on classes she followed about Romanian and Russian folklore. If the sources are different, each seeks to follow the adventures of a forbidden romance.

Soundtrack teenage

The music of Vampire Academy will serve as derivative of the film, already scheduled to be sold on CD and download. And for good reason : there are securities Katy Perry, Naughty Boy and Max Frost ( among others). The comparison is inevitable with Twilight , who used pieces of BB Brunes , The Killers and Muse, when the soundtrack was not composed by the great Carter Burwell .

Sequels and spin-off

The success of Vampire Academy is not to doubt : the saga was profitable enough for it to be adapted comic : three volumes are already out in English-speaking countries, the second is expected in France in February. Producers of the film adaptation have also already planned a sequel if enough fans adhere to the film.

seasoned actors

If Zoey Deutch seems to be the revelation of the film, yet it is not his first role of fantasy heroine . In 2013 , she starred in Sublime Creatures whose atmosphere strongly reminiscent of Twilight. Sarah Hyland had meanwhile played Mia in Scary Movie 5 and is about to appear in a new movie in 2014 , ” See you in Valhalla .” Mia Vampire Academy will by played by Sami Gayle against which is also expected in 2014 in the last Aronofsky , Noah. Lucy Fry sign of his side ‘s first role in a feature-length fiction film with the Waters brothers , having previously played in the series. Similarly, Danila Kozlovsky runs in his first American film and thus changes its Russian filmography in a future international career.

True and false

Vampire Academy shooting took place over five weeks , mostly at night to observe the world of vampires and England, where the Gothic architecture was more appropriate to the atmosphere of high school vampire . Yet , the film is supposed to take place somewhere in Montana USA in high school St. Vladimir , named for a saint Moroi who was dedicated to the practice of magic of the Spirit. The limits are clear between reality and fiction.

Three kinds of vampires

The film does not offer one but three different types of vampires! The Moroi are alive and deadly vampires, thoroughbred , who master the magic elements while dhampirs semi- vampires are born from the union of a human and a Moroi or a Moroi and a Dhampir : they are not sensitive to the light of day , do not drink blood but a strength, reflexes and superhuman senses . They are the guardians of the Moroi . The Strigoi are undead immortal and unable to withstand sunlight vampires, they feed on blood and particularly appreciate that the Moroi makes them stronger. These are the sworn enemies of the Moroi .

Fight against an elephant?

James O’Donnell, the stunt coordinator , built his fights on the assumption that the Strigoi were significantly more physically powerful than other types of vampires. He compares clashes against elephants, against which it would be useless to knock them down. He then developed a variant combat mixing jujitsu , aikido and krav maga, as well as combat knives.

Film the life of a high school night

The challenge for Frank Walsh , the chief designer of the film, was to turn the outdoor scenes at night without lighting does not violate the atmosphere of the scenes . It took for this study light from the tracking and set design , so that it becomes itself a part of these sets .

Richelle Mead about the film

If the author was not deeply involved in the transcription of his novel to the screen, it has been a part against the shoot and met the actors who would embody his characters on film. She says in an interview on Moviefone have particularly approved the choice of casting for Dmitri. Having spent time with Danila Kozlovsky Russian actor , she sees him as the perfect embodiment of its protagonist, including accent . The author also appreciated the respect What kept Daniel Waters and Mark Waters vis- à-vis the book and the importance of character in relation to the plot. Finally, it states that it should appear in a scene with professors , unique to the Stan Lee cameo it is allowed.

Dance of the Vampires
Secret filming on Vampire Academy

Vampire Academy was selected at the International Film Festival of Porto ( Portugal) , known for his fondness towards fantasy . It runs from 28 February to 9 March and closes like every year with a ball of vampires : a real masquerade vampire in the purest tradition. Vampire Academy will be competing against Railway Man Jonathan Teplitzky .

You can watch this movie here:

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