Guardian Angel Figurines In The Arts


Guardian Angels.

Since the birth of Christ and the Nativity, angels have been prominent in our art and in our music for Christmas. Graphically, angel pictures have also been the subject of many popular and domestic arts. Angels have been produced in all the art forms such as paints, sculptures and weavings. Angels have long been a symbol of Christmas in the form of Angel pictures, Angel figurines, Angel guardian’s jewelry, Christmas ornaments, and Angel gifts. Angels have been portrayed in Christmas cards as angel pictures.

An angel in the form of a star warned the three kings to return directly to their homelands after seeing Jesus. After the visit of the wise men an angel appeared to Joseph in a dream. The angel suggested that he take the Jesus and Mary, and go into Egypt. When it was safe for Joseph’s family to return, the angels would again appear to him. Angels usually hover over the Christmas nativity stable. Angels have been the subject of Christmas music throughout the world. A few examples are;

* Hark! The herald angels sing.
* Sing, choirs of angels.
* Angels from the realms of glory.
* Lord, with the angels we too would rejoice.
* Angels we have heard on high.

Angels In Christmas Activities.

Christmas pageantry would not be nearly so colorful without angels. Countless girls and boys have been dressed in white angel robes to play the part of an angel in the seasonal Christmas dramas. Angels also accompany the gift bringer and they advise which children have been naughty or nice. In Latin America and the Philippines angels accompanies street processions reenacting the journey to Bethlehem. According to the Irish legend the Virgin Mary sends angels each Christmas Eve to awaken children and they take them to heaven to sing a carol to the Christ Child. They then return the children to their beds and they are considered lucky for the rest of their lives. In Europe the angels are a part of the Star Boy groups, which go from door to door. There is even a special church festival for the archangel Michael. Medieval dramas centering on the Nativity and he made good use of the angels in his drama.

Angels Decorate Our Homes.

Today angels, like the heavenly angel figurines, are displayed in many homes. Angel ornaments adorn the Christmas trees and angel gifts are given to those we care about and love. Angel pictures can be seen hanging on the walls of homes throughout the world. Angel pictures are traditionally pictures that portray angels with human bodies and wings. Gold and silver guardian angel jewelry is worn on clothing and lapels. Poets and artists have portrayed the angel with wings as symbols of innocence or virtue. Angels also symbolize purity, peace and love. They are found in the classic and modern movies. Angels are usually portrayed as an intervener in the lives of many movie characters.

Angels Purpose in Our Lives.

God has charged his angels with watching and safeguarding every one of his creatures. Kingdoms have their angels assigned to them, and along with man. The existence of angel guardians that watch over humans is an established belief of the Christian faith. The wearing of an angel guardian is a custom that reminds us all that an angel is watching and safeguarding us. Jesus says in the Gospel, “Beware lest ye scandalize any of these little ones, for their angels in heaven see the face of my father.”

Angels are wise in God’s ways and gentle in their speech and actions. Angels burst upon events with a joy and understanding of man that brings us closer to God every day. Perhaps this happens because only angels are given the special tasks by God that requires them to associate with men and women on earth. Guardian Angels bring a touch of the divine to all those hearing their messages. The Guardian Angels are given responsibility for making all of the world’s greatest announcements.

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