European Destinations: Your Dream Honeymoon Guide


In a past life, I have to have been a travel agent. I dream of jet-setting across the world on almost an every day basis, and although I’ll never reject swanky five-star digs, there’s nothing more romantic than experiencing a brand new country from a local’s perspective, as opposed to a tourist’s. Getting lost walking down winding cobblestone streets, finding hole-in-the-wall restaurants that weren’t mentioned within the travel guide, and trying to have a conversation in the local language – this stuff all define my dream honeymoon. What defines yours?

Famous Landmarks
Rome at Twilight. Go ahead and take three-hour “Rome at Twilight” guided tour, where you’ll visit famous landmarks such as the Fontana di Trevi and the Spanish Steps – it has newlywed mush written all over it. It is also perfect for avoiding the crowds as well as heat, if you’ll be visiting throughout the summertime!

Tivoli’s Villa d’Este. Then, have a stroll through some of the most enchanted gardens throughout Rome.

Ponte Milvio Bridge. Also known as “Lovers Lane,” this can undoubtedly be the most romantic walk of the entire honeymoon. Here, couples have attached padlocks towards the bridge as an expression of the love, just like Paris’s infamous Pont des Arts bridge. But subdue the longing to add one of your own – The Huffington Post reports there has been a fine in place since 2007.

Eats & Treats
Gelateria Giolitti. I’ve got a slight problem when it comes to carbs and chocolate, and so i can’t resist the land of pasta and gelato. This little bit of heaven serves up some of my personal favorite gelato in the area. And if Gregory Peck and Katherine hepburn can get their sugar fix eating succulent sorbet, then so can one.

La Buca di Ripetta. Experience la dolce vita by feasting on classic Italian fare, like rosemary-scented pork or sautéed mussels and clams. You may even rub shoulders by having an Italian celeb in this legendary restaurant.

Shops & Bar Hops
Via Condotti. Found at the Spanish Steps, this is actually the best street in all of Rome to buy designer goodies from Ferragamo, Cartier, Giorgio Armani and – the most popular – Christian Louboutin.

Altroquando. If you’re obsessive about books and movies like I’m, then this is your next stop. They carry Italian postcards, movie posters and magazines which make for great souvenirs (even if you will need a translator to understand them).

AlexanderPlatz Jazz Club. Wish to experience Roman nightlife? Jazz music lovers, get ready for a fun night that might even extend in to the next morning.

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