Looking Beyond the “Authenticity Definition”


The New World Encyclopedia defines authenticity as…

‘A philosophical concept that denotes the genuine, true state of human existence. The concept arises from the insights that human beings generally live or exist in an inauthentic way and that the genuine sense of self and its relationship with others (including God and/or other people) has been lost. The authentic life is often described as a life of freedom, joy, meaning, value, and happiness’.

There has been much discussion, particularly in more recent times to the notion of the authentic self. To speak of an authentic self of course implies by default that there is the possibility or existence of an ‘inauthentic’ self.

So what is the authentic and inauthentic self?

Briefly, the authentic self is said to be the self that ‘remembers’ that you came from The Oneness and knows that you never left this Oneness. The self that ‘knows’ the truth of who you are, and why you have come here to planet Earth. The self that has no limitations, and knows no boundaries as far as what can be created. It is the Infinite self.

The inauthentic self is the human self and the identity with this self, that is to say The Egoic self. In some ways it probably abit harsh to call it inauthentic. My feeling more these days is that it is just unconscious. It is the part of you that has not remembered or become aware yet of all that you are, from where you came and to where you will return. It is the part that sees separation in everything and from everyone, the self that feels alone and fearful in a world that seems to be out of our control; rather than the Oneness of truth. The self that feels all the emotions possible to a human being and the self that uses the mind to navigate the world.

This self is the front you put out to the world; playing out roles and stories believing that you are in fact these roles; and that your stories, your relationships, your wealth, or your health actually define you. But this is the shallow surface version of who you are.

It is similar to looking in a mirror. You cannot change the reflection in the mirror no matter what you do to the mirror. The only option you have is to change what is being reflected in the first place.

This analogy becomes important when we take into account the Law of Reflection which states that what you see outside of you is only a pure reflection of what is going on for you inside. That being the case, it becomes futile to try and change your world (the refection) without first changing yourself (what is being reflected).

But on the flipside of this Law, it also shows you that the outside world and all it’s perceived issues have no power to do anything other than reflect your inner world back to you.

When you really absorb this, you can start to get a feel that the outside world and all its opinions, judgments and perceptions actually have no power over you. They are in fact nothing; just the refection in the mirror of yourself. None of these things are actually you. As such, they cannot define you anymore than the power you give them to define you.

But oh how much power we give them!!

So many of us fall into the trap thinking we are our story and more importantly our roles: I am a mother, I am a business woman, I am a wife, I am a Christian, I am wealthy, I am unemployed, I am a depressed person, I am sick, I have bad luck, I am not good at love or relationships, and so it goes on.

But all of these, as well as the myriad of other roles we play every single day, are just that… roles. They are not us; no more than an actor who plays the role of a character in a movie. Johnny Depp is not Willie Wonka, that is a character he plays. You are not a wife or wealthy businessperson… this is a role you play in this life.

When we start to drop the labels of who we are as defined in the world and by ourselves, we start to go beyond the authenticity definition set up by humans, and instead feel the actual depth of who we are at the truth level; we start to see that it is simply our labels and judgments that separate us from feeling this depth and truth all the time, and keep us limited into being simply a role or story, instead of the true infinite power that we are already are, here playing the human game.

Really you have no idea of who you are, none of us do. At best all we can do is apply mere words to something that is infinite, which of course will never come close to capturing our essence. Our complete depth will never be fathomed in this realm through describing ourselves. But by letting go of labels and judgments and instead moving more into our hearts, the infinite realm, we can start to gain a glimpse and sense of our infinite authentic selves.

It is said that if you can let go of the ‘need’ to know who you are, then who you are will be revealed to you. The needing to know, which so many of us have taken on in recent times through the consciousness journey, is the very thing stopping you from actually remembering who you are. Remember, you are creating your reality so if you ‘need’ to know then that reality will create itself… the perpetual need to know, without ever truly experiencing the knowing at all.

By being content with not knowing who you are and instead seeing clearly who you are not, that is just your human self, your authentic self will be revealed to you.

By seeing that you are not your roles or stories, you are not your thoughts, you are not your emotions, you are not your judgments and opinions and perceptions on life; you will experience what you are beyond all of that.

So the question or choice then becomes… how to live?

Authentically through your heart and body feeling the sense of the aliveness that you are; or unconsciously, getting caught up in the story here in this world, playing victim and hero, trying to get something from life and everyone in it, feeling like the world owes you, or you have been hard done by? This is not your truth; it is simply the human game you play.

This self will never satisfy you. Have you ever noticed that? That when you play this game of defining and finding yourself in the world you always need more, nothing satisfies your need for more. No possession, job promotion, awesome relationship, crazy experience is ever enough…. May be for a fleeting moment but then reality sets in again and the party is over.

You do not have to play like this.

By tapping into your authentic self underneath your story here you will feel all the love, completeness and fulfillment that you constantly ache and yearn for. This is why you feel the ache in the first place… it is You wanting to wake up to your truth… that nothing in this world will ever be enough… it is not meant to be… it is only the reflection, not the authentic you.

Wake up and remember your truth. Be willing to see beyond the illusion of the human self and the outside world, and your authentic self will reveal itself as if by magic.

It is there right now… it never went away… you ‘know’ this don’t you!? Remember??

Nat Smith is an author, mentor and the co-Publisher of ‘Into-Me-I-See’ Digital Magazine, facilitating the collaboration of many of the world’s leading Conscious Wayseers to share their wisdom and raw life experiences. Please go to http://into-me-i-see-mag.com/ to download all of our issues for FREE.
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